What I stand for

Domains: Artistic * - Technical ° - Social §
I like to see art as:
A place for on going change *, development * and creation *.
As an inspiration for myself * and others §.
The world communicates inwards to art * and art brings it back out to the world §.
Like an accordion it needs to breathe ** °.
It is not about loneliness § or sacrifice § nor is it about self-portraying § *.
It is entertaining without the main purpose being entertainment § °.
It is a space for many elements to meet: dance, music, theatre, film, poetry, visual art... Things develop there. They mingle ***.
The result is indefinable *. It speaks *, it inspires *, it questions...**
There is skill involved°.
There is knowledge°, information ° and research °.
There is a perfect balance between technical skill ° and the simplest ideas *
At last it is out of a wish to do it that it is done *.
There is pleasure and there is shared experience §.

All of it is subject to on going change.°*§