In 2015 I co-founded the dance collective Chronos. Chronos is a a collective of five young dance artists; Sarah Soethoudt, Pascal Sangl, Coralie Merle, Vera Goetzee and myself. As classmates at the Amsterdam School of the Arts we have been working together on different projects and realized that we have many artistic and personal views in common. In our fourth year we founded the collective Chronos and got support by Dansmakers Amsterdam to make our first steps as choreographers. Since we graduated the collective has been a platform for us where we share our creativity and feed off each others experiences. We all work as dancers with various choreographers next to working together as a collective.

We make dance theatre pieces that are physical and poetic. The body is our instrument for expression, but we wish to transmit a topic, a concept, feeling or message. We like to work with subjects that everyone can relate to; things that we can all connect to. The performance should leave an aftertaste and reach the unconscious understanding of the audience. We stand for making pieces that are critical towards society and that enlarge aspects of our community that we wish were more present.

Photo by Lotte de Graaf