TRANSDITIE is a site specific research performance shown in a vacant factory in Alkmaar, Noord Holland. It was part of the festival Winterkaravaan Alkmaar 2016, which had invited five young theatre makers to reflect on the topic The New World. 

The performance is a duet of a digital image and two performers; an experiment to research discontinuity, instability and the falling apart of well-known images.  

Transditie departs from Hendrik’s and Franziska’s fascination for traditions. Traditions are a great promise of authenticity and stability; they are an astounding concept that unites us with the past and that can justify our contemporary actions. Furthermore, traditions are a metaphor for our need to hold on to repeatable patterns. Although the modern, progressive human being is capable of almost everything, he cannot let go of holding on.

Transditie claims though that in order to be open for a new world we have to let go of something – and that is the fear of change. 

Concept & Choreography Franziska Menge
Concept & Video Hendrik Walther
Performers Charlotte Mathiessen, Jurriaan de Vos
Sounddesign Stan Verberkt
Advice Justa ter Haar, Jessica Kuitenbrouwer 

Produced by Karavaan Festival Alkmaar

Photography by Emil de Jong