Lose Your Head

The new production of Bite the Bullet Dance Company creates a dream world, an escapism untouched by current events, without political content or any connection to contemporary issues of society. LOSE YOUR HEAD is a reverie. Five dancers in tight golden costumes embark on a fantastic odyssey. In LOSE YOUR HEAD the movement speaks. There will never be a still point and never a body will be motionless. The piece has always been rehearsed from the beginning till end, always chronologically. The composition is partly inspired by "The Shakers" (Doris Humphrey, 1931), but does not seek to illustrate this modern dance choreography. The diverse electronic, musical compositions of musician Gary Shepherd make use of various cultural influences. The music in LOSE YOUR HEAD unfolds at moments magmaticly slow and surging, and at other times rushes quickly and unpredictably like a storm of mercury. The stage is black and shrouded in mist. Shadow games and voluminous light create the feeling of a faraway place. LOSE YOUR HEAD is a timeless anthem on the body and movement. At best, you lose your head while watching.

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