Two feet far from the back of another head

"Somebody enters a bath house and minutes later finds themselves in a warm pool among others."

The performance Two feet far from the back of another head is composed of six performers each situated in a different room of the gallery. Six figures as containers of a singular attribute individually performed, that strings from one room to the next. The animation of these figures shifts from consistent gaze to occasional contact between the performers. To roll, pull, spin, throw and attach the one to another, or determine a moment for entering-exiting a space, are some of the aspects that will influence the pose, motion and attitude of the performers.

Concept and Choreography: Alondra Castellanos Arreola
Performers: Charlotte Petersen, Masaki Komoto, Martin K. Pedersen, Yookyung Park, Charlotte Mathiessen, Luuk Weers

Flam Festival 2017
Theaterkrant Review